Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shopping and Decorating!

Whew, I am exhausted!!!  I spent all day shopping and working on my classroom.  My body feels like a LOT more should be done than what I actually accomplished! 

Last night I put in a huge order to Lakeshore.  I can't wait to get it, it will have all sorts of goodies for my reading and math stations!  Today I hit the teacher supply store, Dollar Tree, and Staples!  Here's all my fun stuff!

These are all from Dollar Tree.  The clear plastic tubs are for my word work area and math stations.  The green and blue baskets are for the student's Daily 5 "good fit" books.

These are my splurges from the teacher supply store!

This is my attempt at "Operation Cover the Hideous Balloon Border!"  I think it's looks pretty good so far, but I'm not showing you any other pictures because then I would have to divulge the enormous mess that is the rest of my classroom!  Check my last post for "before" pics!

I didn't take any pics of my Staples purchases - just a color ink cartridge and some metal rings (nothing exciting!)

I'm off to do all the things around the house that I've been avoiding by blogging and spending time in my classroom!