Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Did They Say? Linky

What Did They Say!?
This story actually came from a good friend of mine who teaches 1st grade.  It's too funny to not share! 
The teacher saw a girl in her room who looked sad, so she approached her and asked if she was ok.  The students replied, "Yes, it's just that all you do is talk, and talk, and talk, and I get soooo bored!"
Boy are they honest! :-)

Gingerbread House Art and Writing Project

So many fun projects to do during the holiday season!  I love that I work at an arts focus school and get to incorporate that piece into my assignments!  This week we have been working on a writing project called Gingerbread House for Sale by Mz H. 

My students had so much fun just picturing their houses in their heads, but today we brought them to life by drawing them!  See pictures below.  There is a similar project on Art Projects for Kids, but I just took them through my own drawing - step by step.  They then added the details themselves.  All of the items on the house and yard had to be candy or a cookie!

Of course, I can't forget Ginger!  He sat on top of a magazines with a joke in hand!  I found a sheet of cute holiday jokes on Pinterest, click here for link!

Poor Ginger may have to absent again tomorrow with the kids bouncing off the walls this afternoon!  Rough time of year!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Elf on a Shelf Behavior Management!

I am having waaayyy too much fun with the Elf on Shelf in my classroom!  My students were B.A.D. - BAD yesterday!  I had a principal from another school in observing me and they were noisy and difficult to manage the entire time (don't you love those kind of days???)  Sooo, our elf "Ginger" didn't return this morning!  Here is what the students found....

(Edit: Check out the date on the letter!  Luckily, the kids didn't notice!)

They were quite upset and worked hard all morning, so when they return from specials they will find this...

The part that cracks me up the most is that he is wearing ear muffs to protect his ears!  Hee hee, I crack myself up!

I anticipate much better behavior until winter break - ha ha ha ha!  Again I'm so funny!  Ok, until the end of the day... maybe :-)

Monday, December 3, 2012

My Snowman Came Alive!

Even though I haven't posted much lately, I've still been working behind the scenes!  Now that we are in the second trimester in our district, we are working on narrative writing.  So, I created a fun winter/holiday writing activity called "My Snowman Came Alive!"  Students can create their own snowman, bring it to life, and tell about the adventure they have!  Check it out here!

So many fun holiday things out there!  I'm working on another winter writing activity/unit for after the holidays!  I'm home with a sick kiddo, so it could even be done fairly soon :-)  Love feeling creative!