Monday, July 23, 2012

New Products and a Freebie!

As I was putting my classroom together, I decided I needed calendar headers, calendar numbers, and the days of the week.  So, I made some and just uploaded them to my Teachers Notebook Store.

I had planned on using much more of the bright owl collection in my room.  However, with the lime green wrapping paper I used to cover bulletin boards and chalk board, my room really needs the blue to mellow it a bit!!!

Ok, enough about that!  On to the freebie -  I got this idea from the Visual Phonics seminar I attended this summer.  I just gave it a more "finished" look on the computer!  These are "air" words.  They are the 16 irregular words that have the "air" sound in them, but don't follow any predictable spelling pattern.  Click here download a free copy!

I will be hanging them on the blue sky border I made to cover the ugly balloon border (see pics below!)  They will stay up all year so that students can look up in the air (get it ??? :-) ) to spell those words!

I hope you can use them :-)