Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shopping and Classroom Progress

I'm feeling less overwhelmed about my classroom today!  I can (very) slowly feel it coming together.  Here are a few more pictures of my progess today!

I bought this wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby to match my theme.  The nameplates and numbers are available at my Teacher's Notebook store.

And here is what I did with it!  It's bright, but happy!  This picture makes it look much more yellow than it actually is. 

Here is the progress on the corner I showed you yesterday.  I still need to put the leaves up and I think I'll put my welcome banner in the tree!

This is a before picture I didn't post the other day.  I'm thinking about putting a time line and maps on this wall.  That way we can study artists and muscians and tie it into community for social studies... hopefully!!!

I really hope it looks great when I'm done.  There are so many amazing classrooms out there, I'm not sure I can compete :-)