Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Made It?

Ok, so I know it's Tuesday but I just didn't get it together in time to post yesterday!  I drove 8 hours from Reno to Boise, rushed my daughter off to gymnastics, and then realized that leaving my computer unattended with my husband and step-sons was a really bad idea!  An hour of tech support this morning took care of the problems, but they are no longer allowed to use the computer unattended!!!

So now that you've heard my sob story... here are a few of the things I (ok, my brother and I) made over the week!

Project #1
Student white boards!

Because there was literally nothing in my classroom I've been spending quite a bit of $ trying to make sure I have enough to teach with!  Luckily for me, my brother has all sorts of power tools!  We got a 4' x 8' piece of hardboard at Lowe's for $10.60.  Matt was able to cut it into 32 - 12x12" squares, a nice class set!  The edges chipped more than we thought, but they still look pretty darn good.  My sweet brother was even nice enough to make 2 sets - 1 for a friend of mine :-)

Project #2
Whisper Phones

Some people call these phonics phones, but I've always called them whisper phone, ie. students whisper into them and can hear themselves reading.  I'm planning on putting them in their D5 good fit book baskets.  I got this wonderful idea and tutorial from Classroom DIYI love the Paul Frank monkey duct tape!  I also have black and white checkerboard tape.  That was my brother's pick, which made me laugh because he was obsessed with O.P. checkboard hats and the checkerboard slip on Vans when we were kids... I'm totally dating myself now :-)

We tried cutting the PVC by hand with the irrigation PVC cutters, but it was too hard, so we used a chop saw to cut the PVC pipe into 3 1/2" lengths.  I bought the elbows in the contractor bulk packs of 10.  That made them only .18 cents and they didn't have the bar code on them (I'm crazy and that sort of thing drives me crazy!)

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