Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuesday Made It - Part 2 (Evidence of blog stalking!)

I'm adding to my post from yesterday.  I really wish I could take credit for having these awesome, original ideas... but really I am just jumping on the band wagon and keeping up with this year's latest and greatest "classroom must-haves!"

Project #3
White Boards (Take 2!)
I started to add duct tape to the white boards to hide the chipped edges. I need to go get another roll!  The checker board pattern makes it really easy to line everything up evenly.  Thank you Mary at Teaching Special Kids for the idea!

Project #4
Teacher's Toolbox
I just couldn't live without my own!  I got a free download for the drawer labels from Laughing with Lane.  I think it came out cute, cute, cute!

Project #5
Crate Seats

All great blog stalkers must make these this year!!!  My mom helped me with one and that one came out the best.  My husband helped me with the rest. I didn't have the patience to get them just right and my husband was having fun with the staple gun - I might have lost a finger if I didn't move quickly enough!