Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day and I'm still standing - sort of!

Whew, what a day!  I was so nervous about my first day as a classroom teacher and my students ended up being great!   They came in quietly and worked hard all day.  I absolutely see a few that I will need to be aware of, but overall a terrific group!

So, I made it through the day without any major traumas!  I did, however, forget to take my kids to P.E..  I ended up taking them 10 minutes late because I was so frazzled when I realized the time that I  looked at my Monday specials schedule and took them to computers, then had to run (terrible example for students!!!) back to my classroom to find out where they really belonged. I'm totally playing the new teacher card on that one!

My daughter had a great first day in Kindergarten and it was so great to see her sweet little face smiling at me in the first day assembly :-)  Unfortunately, the big day and all the craziness in our household took it's toll tonight.  Major melt downs left and right.  We both eventually ended up crying - we must have needed the stress relief!

I'm hoping that I can still walk tomorrow!  I took my shoes off after last recess and finished the day in socks.  My feet want flip flops desperately!!!  Perhaps I should bring slippers for tomorrow...