Monday, August 27, 2012

Can you say STRESSED OUT???

Wow - what a crazy day!  I'm am exhausted, my feet hurt (and have blisters) and the kids don't even start until tomorrow!!! 

Today was Meet and Greet.  I had a great turn out, only 1 family didn't come.  But, oh boy, was it different from Meet and Greet as a sped teacher!!!  Usually, I would use the time as prep and one or two parents would wonder in.  No prep time today :-)  It was soooo fun to meet my students though!

My daughter starts Kindergarten and I start Second grade tomorrow.  Talk about an emotional mess!  I will work really hard to stop crying before my students come in!

I'm off to attempt to plan and finish up a few last minute things.  I hope I can turn my mind off enough to get at least some sleep tonight!

To all of you starting school tomorrow also...

Have a wonderful first day :-)