Sunday, September 2, 2012

First week of school - Complete!!!

First week of school is done!  I made it to the light pedicure at the end of the tunnel week!  All of that preparation and worry about my move to second grade  was wiped out after Day 1... and replaced by fear that my feet wouldn't make it to their appointment on Saturday!  Luckily, it all worked out and I have pampered tootsies :-)

I promised myself that I would only work on Saturday and take the next two days off.  Yeah, that hasn't happened.  I am enjoying planning though - it's so much more fun than planning for small group, direct instruction!  Thank goodness for TPT and an amazingly supportive team member (who is a fellow blog stalker and is willing to share her fab finds!) 

I have done some fun activities over the last week and have some fun things to share... well, ummm, when I have art projects cut out and mounted, and pictures taken. Hmmm, still lots to do!  I hope to post pics this week though!

Back-to-School night is Thursday and I need to find all the fun things I found on Pinterest and decide what I'm going to do! Have you had yours yet?  What did you do (or are planning to do?)