Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Talking Elves

I started a new blog page for my students to post their work!  I'm using the iPad app Easy Blogger Jr., which sends the student's posts directly to my new blog page.  It automatically labels each post with the student's name, so that parents can click on the label and see only their child's work. 

Today we made our first post, which was so fun!  Students wrote a paragraph last week, "If I were an Elf..." and then drew a picture of themselves as elves.  I used the step-by-step drawing tutorial from Art Projects for Kids for the art project.  I used the iPad app Chatterpix to take a picture of their drawing and record them reading their paragraph.  Chatterpix allows you to put a mouth on the drawing and makes it look like the picture is talking - so cute!

The class page is pretty basic, but if you would like to see other examples of the Talking Elves click here.  :-)