Thursday, November 13, 2014

Turkey Facts and Comprehension and Turkeys in Disguise

Turkey Facts and Comprehension
Check out my new Turkey Facts and Comprehension on TPT or Teacher's NotebookA Common Core aligned, informational passage about turkeys - perfect for Thanksgiving - with strategies for finding information in text and comprehension questions that require higher level thinking skills. 
Turkeys in Disguise
I post about my Turkeys in Disguise project every year, but it's one of my favorites!  I read students the book "Turkey Trouble" by Wendi Silvano and then send students home with a blank turkey to disguise - so it won't get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner!  It is sent home as a family project and I get some really fun and creative turkeys back!  Below are a few from this year (Ok, the first one is my daughter's - she's in second grade this year at my school! The sparkly paint didn't show up very well in the picture.):