Monday, December 30, 2013

Going Paleo!

This Teacher-Mom is officially F-A-T and is going Paleo in 2014!  All this research counts as teacher prep now that health has been added to our plates, right?

After a quick trip to Barnes and Noble (did you know you can use your teacher discount on cookbooks? I didn't until today!) I'm devouring Well Fed 2, by Melissa Joulwaa. I love her down to earth advice and sense of humor! The recipes look awesome too :-). Check out her blog:  The Clothes Make the Girl.

While at B &N, I also picked up Paleo Slow Cooking, by Chrissy Gowe...  because, well, it's more realistic than me dancing home, full of energy, and doing any "real" cooking!

I'm super determined to get some of this weight off and improve my overall eating habits. To jump start my diet I also registered for a New Year Nutritional e-Cleanse.  My brother and sister-in-law had great success with it last year!

Please feel free to share what workout and diet tricks are working for you!

Happy New Year!!!