Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Compare and Contrast

Thanksgiving really snuck up on me this year! So after utilizing my Amazon Prime (LOVE the 2nd Day free shipping!) and ordering a few books last week, I needed some activities quickly!!! 

Luckily, I happened upon a recent Clutter Free Classroom post and found the Pilgrims and Wamanoags Portfolio.  I'm so excited and can't wait to use it this week!!! There are great resources on this post for procrastinators such as myself!

I also wanted to compare and contrast different cultures, and life then and now. I created a few venn diagrams (see below) that will tie in nicely with Thanksgiving.  Click here to view at my Teacher's Notebook shop.

I also have a really cool art display that a member of our team started doing a few years ago.  All of the second grade students made a feather to add to the turkey.
Ok, so pictures taken on my phone don't come out well!  I keep forgetting my camera.  To make the feathers you need poster board, yarn, glue, foil, and colored permanent markers.  1) Using the poster board cut out the shape of the feathers. 2) Use liquid glue to glue yarn pieces on the feather. 3) Have students make sure that they close every line.  They will use a different color for each spaced created by closed lines.  3) Let dry over night.  4) Cover feathers in foil and press down to show the lines.  5) Have students color each space with a colored permanent marker.  They come out beautiful... this picture really doesn't do them justice!
I still need to take a final picture of our wall with the Turkeys in Disguise.  Some more really cute ones came in!
 I also posted about the family turkey project my daughter needed to do for her Kindergarten class.  This turkey just need to be decorated, not disguised.  As is true to my little cutie's style we went with pink, purple, and some serious bling!!!  Check it out below. I even found googly eyes with different color eyes and eye lashes.  So fun :-)